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Today is Super-bowl Sunday. The greatest unnecessary day of the year.

I never got sports in general, men watching men on men while keeping the thought that the concept is not the least bit ‘squirely’. Sports are a manly thing, that still puzzles me. You would think that people who sleep next-to posters of sweaty muscled tall men would take a second thought about their heterosexuality. I am the wierd one for having a picture of chicks with giant robots


(Chicks digg giant robots)

But I digress,

The super-bowl is a tradition, even in my family, and it is one of the rare holidays that actually brings families together. Its rare to actually have everyone at in the same place. this year they projected the super-bowl to have are around a hundred million viewers. That’s…..too much.

things you could do with 100 million viewers;

1) Raise Significant money for Haiti

2) Promote energy efficient products (couldnt find a pic of me hugging a tree)

3) MacGruber teaser

Im just saying you can do so much good with the whole world watching but meh,

My family does not have the regular super-bowl experience. We all used to gather around the TV and watch the commercials and put the game on mute. Commercials used to be amazing, I remember the original Budweiser frogs & the first Sega Dreamcast commercial; those really caught my eye. CGI is pretty.

Tonight I’m missing the super-bowl, and its not like I did not want to watch it; Its just that watching it requires me moving. Yes, I am that lazy and I can be in this society, because all the commercials are on YouTube right after they appear this year. Front Page.

Manly manly men watch manly manly men be manly with other manly men. One Hundred Million people obsessing over twenty men fight over a ball just makes me ponder.

I need a shower.




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