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I told you! I told you! but you didn’t believe me , you wouldn’t believe me,

You can be bored to death

I found proof! Here

So there is indeed a correlation between boredom and well, death

It kinda makes sense too. I remember being in class with my teacher who was hired off Craigslist yapping away at nothing that would benefit me in anyway and I would be completely bored. So bored I wished I was dead.
Little did I know I was working towards that.

See full size imageShould I be scared? I cant remember a single class where I was not bored. Should I see a doctor?

This cannot be so bad because if boredom affected us so much then my entire class/my entire school would be dieing. I am also sure we are not the only school.

There is an epidemic sweeping the nation; people are unaware of it & it is more widespread than smoking. The threat is called boredom.
So get up & do something; For the love of god your life is at stake.


(yes this baby is going to die [que the explosions])

Jesus this article was boring,

I just wanted to clarify something

In class yesterday, “Social Inequality” class to be precise, we were discussing an article that talks about the correlation between Abortion and low crime rates.

Now one of the students asked the teacher (seriously) if this class was Pro-Abortion or not. Once again, he was serious.

“So are we,,, Pro-Abortion,,,or not?”


There is a small difference between Pro-Abortion and Pro-choice. I mean, I do agree, we should kill all humans spawn; but I do not think believe others will agree with me.