American Idol wants Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowel 

I wish this was a joke

before you know it Jerry Springer is going to  replace all the judges at  Dancing With The Stars


Just take a look.



I understand the thriss of stealing from celebrities, Especially paris hilton, but why steal the SUV? for the love of god theres a porsche in the driveway.
“but there wasn’t a porsche in the driveway”
So walk down the block. There must be one on that street.

I know, Im annoyed too. The sister of the ‘oh so very famous’ Miley Cyrus was said to have been starting a lingerie line.

(yes….this girl)

Naturally, the word had sweeped the internet and I made a wish list.

This is a interesting new low for the girl, I didnt know of her & I was starting to have interest until I found this.


“its a lie”


oh, it can

what do you think?



Good morning everyone. I was looking through the news of the morning and there were a few nice highlights from Miss Lohan, homicidal Dolphins, and our dark lord and savior; Mel Gibson.


(i know thats breakfast, i woke up late)

>The most recent being that Lidnsay Lohan and I apparently have more in common than I previously thought. According to the ‘NY post’ Miss Lohan lives in her own mess with “one room littered floor-to-ceiling with piles of clothes, shoes and other expensive junk,”

Thank god “The Insider” hired a closet organizer to help her. Because thats the help she needs……..a closet organizer
>The next item is Number1 on digg and needs no intro-duction:


Yes. Its real.
according to the various sources its not only a real movie, but it was also nominated for two awards. I know what i’m watching saturday night.
>Things come best in threes so lastly we have Our favourite man in the world
Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson [wait for it] calls reporter an a$$hole [wait for it] on live TV.


I loved when the interviewer said, “Do you think the public has forgiven you?”
And thats three.

So I wanted to address something that I did not use until college. The email address.

I am a high internet user, I spend most of my time on it. I know, its sad,( luckily there’s a Emoticon for that, —> =[ . ) my time on the internet used to just be bored surfing, then i discovered digg.com and lifehacker and I became this media junkie. 1)I think my first reason for not using email was my email address itself.

prepare yourself: caution this was when i was 7 years old.



2) spamSPAMspamSPAMspamSPAMspamSPAM



3) So now the only reason I had for using my email address was to confirm accounts for sites I found at digg or stumbleupon. If i needed to contact someone there was ‘Aim’ or the phone [this was before texting].

facebook was my email until college, its simple, forward, and most people would check their facebook more frequently than their email.

Entering college I created the first email address I check regularly and I can’t think of how I lived without it. But it is possible, thats why I made this post. I mean yesterday I met a guy who after I said “I went on the internet”, he said, “you went on the what?”



Okay. Now before all of you spam the comments with ‘how horrible’ a person i am consider this; Millions of people are coming to the aid of people in Haiti in any way they can but some of them just don’t think. “Ignorant Americans?? This can’t be true.”, um it is.



(see i did research)


(i included the google search for you guys [and or gals]who wanna inverstigate more)

So what I am trying to say is that ‘Hope for Haiti’ could be a very bad charity decision (is that a real charity? didn’t check). That is why I am making ‘Hate for Haiti’, a charity that gives money to help survivors in Haiti and at the same time invokes hate towards fake charity s.




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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I love when sites do that….you know…. post for you.  Here it isn’t so bad because it gives you a glimpse of the layout . its a nice example of  what my posts will look like. It has a purpose. Unlike the thousands of different auto-posts on facebook. [i refuse to capitalize facebook]. facebook decides that if you look at one of your friend’s “Honesty Box” anonymous complaints about how you dress, it now will have the right to tell all your friends about it. Day after day. I personally love the Farmville requests everywhere I turn. anywho, i don’t need to rant and rave about it, we see it enough everyday as it is.