Bored to Death

Posted on: February 8, 2010

I told you! I told you! but you didn’t believe me , you wouldn’t believe me,

You can be bored to death

I found proof! Here

So there is indeed a correlation between boredom and well, death

It kinda makes sense too. I remember being in class with my teacher who was hired off Craigslist yapping away at nothing that would benefit me in anyway and I would be completely bored. So bored I wished I was dead.
Little did I know I was working towards that.

See full size imageShould I be scared? I cant remember a single class where I was not bored. Should I see a doctor?

This cannot be so bad because if boredom affected us so much then my entire class/my entire school would be dieing. I am also sure we are not the only school.

There is an epidemic sweeping the nation; people are unaware of it & it is more widespread than smoking. The threat is called boredom.
So get up & do something; For the love of god your life is at stake.


(yes this baby is going to die [que the explosions])

Jesus this article was boring,


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