Whats this thing you call…….Email???

Posted on: February 4, 2010

So I wanted to address something that I did not use until college. The email address.

I am a high internet user, I spend most of my time on it. I know, its sad,( luckily there’s a Emoticon for that, —> =[ . ) my time on the internet used to just be bored surfing, then i discovered digg.com and lifehacker and I became this media junkie. 1)I think my first reason for not using email was my email address itself.

prepare yourself: caution this was when i was 7 years old.



2) spamSPAMspamSPAMspamSPAMspamSPAM



3) So now the only reason I had for using my email address was to confirm accounts for sites I found at digg or stumbleupon. If i needed to contact someone there was ‘Aim’ or the phone [this was before texting].

facebook was my email until college, its simple, forward, and most people would check their facebook more frequently than their email.

Entering college I created the first email address I check regularly and I can’t think of how I lived without it. But it is possible, thats why I made this post. I mean yesterday I met a guy who after I said “I went on the internet”, he said, “you went on the what?”




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