The Brunch Trinity

Posted on: February 4, 2010

Good morning everyone. I was looking through the news of the morning and there were a few nice highlights from Miss Lohan, homicidal Dolphins, and our dark lord and savior; Mel Gibson.


(i know thats breakfast, i woke up late)

>The most recent being that Lidnsay Lohan and I apparently have more in common than I previously thought. According to the ‘NY post’ Miss Lohan lives in her own mess with “one room littered floor-to-ceiling with piles of clothes, shoes and other expensive junk,”

Thank god “The Insider” hired a closet organizer to help her. Because thats the help she needs……..a closet organizer
>The next item is Number1 on digg and needs no intro-duction:


Yes. Its real.
according to the various sources its not only a real movie, but it was also nominated for two awards. I know what i’m watching saturday night.
>Things come best in threes so lastly we have Our favourite man in the world
Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson [wait for it] calls reporter an a$$hole [wait for it] on live TV.


I loved when the interviewer said, “Do you think the public has forgiven you?”
And thats three.

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